Success Stories

The Shepherd's Home

There is an oasis of hope at the Dayspring Academy in Nairobi.

    • The AIDS epidemic has orphaned more than 1.1 million Kenyan children and teens. Many of them live in Nairobi's slums, where they lack basic services. Some drop out of school because they must become breadwinners, or extended family cannot afford books. In recent years, the Dayspring Academy has enabled a number of children to continue their education and excel. The school's students score highly on national exams. But Dayspring, which operates out of two corrugated metal buildings, and surrounding communities, lack resources, including places to play sports.
    • Last year, the LAFC Foundation helped address these gaping needs, finishing construction of the Umoja Dayspring soccer field and scoreboard. The LAFC Foundation, which has built fields in the U.S. and Africa, funded the project and donated uniforms and equipment. LAFC learned of Dayspring through the U.S. non-profit Discover the World, which supports the Shepherd's Home orphanage for girls near the school. Shepherd's Home will have use of the grassy field.
    • On August 9, 2009, Dayspring dedicated the Umoja field in a joyous, afternoon ceremony attended by teachers, parents, students, community leaders and professor Wilson Langat, Kenya's Sports Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Langat spoke of his country's intent to provide more recreational opportunities for youth as part of a well-rounded education. Langat said that improved education will help Kenya achieve lasting change. Douglas Millham, the founder of Discover the World, Director of Social Responsibility Lorrie Fair and the organization's founder and President Don Sheppard were also in attendance. The dedication culminated with an exhibition soccer game between two school teams. "The children in this part of the world are bravely enduring a terrible epidemic," Sheppard said. "They deserve every opportunity to better their lives. We believe that this field and the uniforms and equipment that the LAFC Foundation provides can play a role in brightening their futures and transforming their communities."