Global Initiatives: In Africa

The Shepherd's Home

Providing a safe haven for Kenyan AIDS orphans.

  • At the present rate of infection, AIDS will orphan 20 million African children by 2010.
    • In March 2003, The Shepherd's Home was opened in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Facilities serve as a sanctuary, not only providing food and housing, but a safe-haven for the children of the African AIDS crisis to feel love, support and to better understand what is happening in their world. More than 20 young girls are now under the care of loving, nurturing and highly-skilled individuals. When the children leave, they will be empowered with the knowledge they will need to lead following generations to the "New Kenya."
  • LAFC's Partnership
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    • The Shepherd's Home will comprehensively address issues of health care, education, spiritual formation and vocational training. In an effort to help foster youth activities in Kenya centered around education, LAFC has unveiled a new sports field to be used for the Dayspring Junior School as well as community sporting activities. LAFC also provided soccer balls, cleats and uniforms for use at the new Umoja Sports Field.
    • Umoja Sports Field
    • Pictured right: LAFC President Don Sheppard and Lorrie Fair, Director of Social Responsibility, at the unveiling of the Dayspring Umoja Sports Field on August 6, 2009
    • "The Dayspring Umoja (Unity) Sports field built by LAFC provides an oasis of hope next to Kibera, the largest slum in Africa. Linking education and health screening to use of the field, LAFC provides opportunities to the children we serve and gives our children and students great pride in their school."
    • Dr. Douglas Millham
      President, Discover the World